Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality grabs our present reality and attaches overlays of different sorts of data on it. As such, it just enlarges our current reality. AR, for the most part, happens on your cell phone, Head Mounted Displays (HMD) or tablets.

It has changed the manner in which individuals connect with the advanced world. This mix of the digitalized and real world has brought about an upgraded perspective of the real world, where individuals get the opportunity to encounter and learn great things. Augmented reality has likewise made it feasible for clients to share this experience by means of the net with others.

Businesses Benefited by virtual, augmented and combined reality Technologies. (pic to be attached for demonstration)

Real Estate

MangoTech placing augmented reality in the land business to strengthen the real estate by its exceptionally soulful deal offering a helpful and capable way to deal with a purchase or sell properties for both of the purchasers and manufacturers. The manner in which AR is getting very normal for potential buyers; it’s not very ahead of schedule to express that destiny of augmented reality looks very splendid in the real estate business.

With the utilization of Augmented Reality, land business retailers can exhibit an all-encompassing perspective of their properties plus on the other side, the purchasers can have a look over the little particulars of the property which they dream to purchase before it gets transpired in real space.

Brands & Advertisements

Promote your item with MangoTech’s Augmented Reality. Augmented reality for promotional and marketing is currently getting a style in this advanced time where you can turn into a brand name by following the most recent style of their marketing strategies. Receive AR for every one of your promotional and marketing strategies to highlight your existence in all the upcoming business sectors, good and the bad ones too. Placing augmented reality for the promotion of your brand will separate you from others inside your business industry. In reality, we are overcoming the gap between digital and real.

MangoTech shows up interactive and assessable. Include a CTA or a video to your advertisement and move clients to the next stage in the process right from the printed or physical ad.


With MangoTech’s Augmented Reality, you can include an additional element of innovation in your menu cards. Include recordings, Images or some other interactive media to quickly make a customized Augmented Reality encounter.

Expect if clients are visiting your food restaurant, and clutching menu card to choose their dish and shockingly they could see the live demo of the planning or the recipe of it then it will certainly increase the curiosity of the clients to want or enjoy more. And with augmented reality in eateries, a brand can without much of a stretch catch the eye of a client and give a diversion while holding up to their request which will be all the more enchanting for them.


MangoTech is showing its stride in the education and training industry by presenting augmented reality in training business, helping crowd to beat the obsolete reading and teaching techniques with engaging, intelligent and interactive educational material. AR in training and education offers students to get more interactional and present engaging material with all the more intriguing substance, in term of images, videos, animations, graphic arts and so forth which can catch the eye of learners over the academic dimensions with higher retention and more knowledge.


Augmented reality for occasions, festivals, and different events is currently starting to gain some great attention. The amazing AR content is all the more interesting to expand the client footprint on occasions. Vivid AR content is another compound to initiate the enthusiasm and interest among the group of individuals. Altogether, it’s capacity to hold the substance data for a long time is a very practical sign to encourage individuals with greater commitment. Augmented reality use can enhance your booth marketing on many occasions which can be useful for a brand to fling their services and products in a distinctive manner.

Print Media

Make greater commitment and enthusiasm for your print article with less administrative work with the help of augmented printing. Drive interest to your substance and make the group of onlookers to tail you for most recent and important material to their everyday journal by augmented printing. And keep your crowd further developed in this computerized period with MangoTech’s augmented printing arrangements.

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MangoTech Solutions offers multivariate advantages to the vehicle area with the utilization of vanguard techniques, innovations, and procedures. With the utilization of an Augmented Reality application, the clients can make an advanced showroom exhibiting a wide scope of models, chopping down the expense of the physical space. Even more than that, with AR application, the print advertisement is given a new life,

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Manufacturing & Training

MangoTech began its adventure caring for a mission which was to bring a revolution in every industry and business by offering the greatest and latest high tech solutions. AR for the production industry is progressive and revolutionary also, and MangoTech is en route to give the most recent high-tech solution all around the world.

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