Customize Software Development

Software Development

At MangoTech, we utilize our years of experience in custom software development to develop and deploy complex technology solutions to our customers worldwide. Our agile development methodology, combined with our design thinking and strategic consulting, enables customers to solve their critical digital challenges on time, and within their budget.

Web Applications

We have delivered custom web and enterprise applications for various industries such as textile, fisheries, food & beverages, warehouse, distribution, pest management, healthcare,  pharmaceutical, logistics, and travel by utilizing some of the most popular software technologies viz. Microsoft .NET, PHP, Node JS etc and Erp development karachi

Programming Development

We offer custom programming advancement crosswise over many markets.
At MangoTech, we use our experience in custom programming development to create and distribute complicated tech arrangements to our clients across the globe. Our deft and ageless advancement approach joined with our creative ideas and key counseling, empowers clients to understand their basic computerized difficulties on time, and inside their financial plan.

Venture Applications

We have conveyed custom web and venture applications for different businesses, for example, fisheries, textile, nourishment, and drinks, distribution, stockroom, pest control, social insurance, bother the board, travel, pharmaceutical, health care, and logistics by using probably the most prominent programming innovations viz. PHP, Node JS, Microsoft .NET, and so forth.

Custom Software Development Model

The custom software development model followed by MangoTech Solutions consists of three phases:


The pre-sales and requirements phase involves:

Requirements Gathering

MangoTech’s deals and sales group leads a joint talk with the customer to comprehend the foundation and key business destinations looked for from our alliance. In light of these exchanges, MangoTech and the customer mutually distinguish possible re-designing of the open doors for which we can create business arrangements that drive an incentive as well as streamline forms for users.

Project Finalization

After refining the prerequisites gathered from the customer, our group displays a commitment plan that documents the proposed group structure, improvement procedure, and technology floor to be carried along with the achievements and appraisals for different exercises. When the client approves the agreement, the advancement and execution stage starts.


The advancement and execution phase involves:
Requirements Analysis
Project Planning

Project managers and experienced business analysts from MangoTech research the non-functional and functional needs and then set up a structured and accurate technical memorandum for the designing group to construct proper frameworks. This memorandum actually speaks about the agreement between the client and the project managers. Every prerequisite is labeled with a one of a kind ID to encourage track and check advancement progress from its underlying definition to conclusive testing.

We pursue three primary improvement strategies in particular Waterfall, V-model, and Agile while executing activities on the given projects. The determination of the model relies upon the sort of undertaking and the steadiness of the customer’s needs. When a suitable improvement procedure is picked, the project administrator readies a venture plan that specifies achievements, scope, risk management methodologies and also tracking and control components. Achievement driven timetables are made for each group job to guarantee conveyance is according to the commitments. The quality confirmation group likewise starts sketching out the kinds of tests to be performed including tools, resources, and duties regarding test related exercises.

Quality Assurance

Now, in this stage, the building groups prepare point by point architecture structures, class charts, entity-relationship outlines and database plans. Also, wireframes adjusting to the requirements of the project are made.

Post the structure/engineering stage, the advancement of code starts. Projects directors uphold Test Driven Development (TDD) and code survey as a basic piece of the undertaking advancement process. This guarantees that the nature of coding adjusts to industry’s best practices and also that the code is clear, easy to read, spotless and viable. The conclusion of every module allows in the planning of experiments and unit level testing.

When the application is prepared, the Quality Assurance group tests the application by utilizing manual and robotized techniques against different experiments, test designs, and client acknowledgment criteria. Notwithstanding only to this, joining testing is performed by consolidating the different modules and testing them start to finish. The app is tried for cross-browser bolster just as for execution under pinnacle stress and load.


MangoTech Solutions additionally offers aftersales upkeep and bolster services, for example, bug fixes, functional improvements, performance optimization, confinement, adjustment or refresh of supporting utilities, reinforcement administrations or integration of data management utilizing foundation update and different .NET, AWS and database migration facilities.

The Benefit to Clients

With over a time of software improvement experience for many of the main brands on the planet, MangoTech offers the accompanying preferences:

Our wide aptitude covering open source and exclusive technologies, including Java, Microsoft .NET, Ruby-on-Rails and PHP; portable and tablet app; HTML5 generation abilities; advancement over prominent platforms, for example, iOS, Windows and Android.

Domain capability across geographies and industries.

Expertly planned custom-made arrangements that fit your whole business prerequisites.

An adjusted procedure system that centers on quality, security and execution from Day one.